What is a Labor Doula?

Doula is a greek word referencing to an experienced woman providing physical, emotional and informational support during  childbirth.

As your Doula

I provide continuous physical, emotional and informational support to the new parents before, during and after your birth. 

Why Should I have a Doula?

Statistically having a Doula present reduces the requests for medication, reduces the chances of cesarean section, and improves the outcome for mother and baby for a healthy natural childbirth.

The presence of a Doula during labor and childbirth can:

    *Shorten labor by 25%

    *Decrease the need for medications*

        -40% less pitocin use

        -60% fewer epidurals

        -30% reduction in other


    *Decrease the need for other


        -50% fewer cesareans

        -30% less use of forceps

          from "Mothering the Mother" 

          by Klaus, Kennel & Klaus

Postpartum Doula

               $35 an hour in home care

An age-old tradition of helping you heal after your birth, support postpartum wellness, breastfeeding support, meal preparation, light house cleaning, laundry, and allow you the precious lying-in time with your baby

Day time minimum 4 hours

Overnight care minimum 8 hours

Imagine getting a full night of sleep!

 Doula Packages:

Essential Package:    $1950.

2 prenatal birth planning meetings

labor support 

breast feeding initiation & support

placenta encapsulation included

a postnatal visit and follow up

Enhancement Package:    $2020.

1 60 minute pregnancy massage

2 prenatal birth planning meetings

labor support

breast feeding initiation

placenta encapsulation included

a postnatal visit and follow up

Ultimate Package:    $

2 massages pregnancy and postnatal

2 prenatal birth planning meetings

labor support

breast feeding initiation

placenta encapsulation included

a postnatal visit and follow up

10 hrs of postpartum doula care

5 healthy meals ready to enjoy

vegetarian options

OR Create your own package

Placenta Encapsulation: $185.

Why should I take my placenta capsules?
Your baby's placenta, contained in a capsule form:
 contains your own natural hormones
 be perfectly made for you
 balance your system 
 replenish depleted iron
 give you more energy
 lessen bleeding postnatally
 been shown to increase milk production
 help you have a happier postpartum period
 hasten return of 
uterus to pre-pregnancy 
  be helpful during menopause if stored in 
   freezer to preserve potency.

I pick up/deliver placenta and placenta caps. Please call ahead of time to schedule placenta encapsulation.

 Pre and post Birth Care:

Prenatal & Hypnobirthing Yoga 

                  Private sessions 45 hr.

Learn strengthening stretches, breathing and relaxation techniques to fully prepare you for childbirth. Specially designed to reduce normal pregnancy discomforts. 

Postnatal Yoga

                  Private sessions $85 hr.

Mom and baby yoga incorporates getting back into shape while spending time enjoying your baby

Breastfeeding FUNdamentals

                  Private sessions $45 hr.

Private sessions in your home prenatally and postnatally. Learn the fundamentals before you have your baby. If you need extra support, troubleshooting problems, learn how to pump and store, going back to work and weaning.

Newborn care

                  Private sessions $45 hr.

Learn how to swaddle, bathe, diaper, crying comfort techniques, sleeping patterns, newborn changes, and new responsibilities as parents

Infant Massage Instruction

          4 week session private $280

          4 week group session $150

          Classes are monthly: 

Call to register

4 week monthly class

9:30-11:30 am for 4 weeks

Private set up individually by appointment

Learn from a certified infant massage intstructor how to massage your baby. Massage will help promote bonding, attachment, and reduce fussiness. This instruction will give you the tools to communicate verbally and non-verbally through the power of touch. This dynamic hands on learning will put you in touch with how to respond to your baby in nurturing ways.

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