My favorite Hair Specialist is:

Gaia Sanderhoff at 

Baba Louise 

Address: 616 NW 65th St, Seattle, WA 98117
Phone:(206) 781-1529
 Call for an appointment

Nutritional Healing and gentle Chiropractic care

Greenlake Chiropractic

Dr. Steve Polenz

9750 3rd AV NE #103 98115


"It has cured what doctors have not been able to"

Fertility & Maternity Acupuncture

Susan Moore 

Address3401 Evanston Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103
Phone(206) 789-8843

Olympus Spa (best womens only spa)



Nia (Invigorating dance, martial arts and yoga combined)

Go to for all Nia classes in the area


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