Something Sacred Herbal Healing Salves:

Arnica Anti-Trauma Salve

    Aids in healing bruises, swelling, sore muscles, sprains, strains, fibromyalgia,

    and arthritis

    1 oz. tin - $10.

    2 oz. glass amber jar - $18.

Nourishing Skin Food Salve
An emollient blend of herbs to nourish and repair dry cracked skin, diaper 

      rash, psoriasis and eczema
1 oz. tin - $10.
2 oz. glass amber jar - $18.
Golden Healing Salve

      Extracting relief of minor bug bites, infections, anything that needs to be 

      drawn out of the skin and promotes healing. 

1 oz. tin - $10.
2 oz. glass amber jar - $18.
Nurturing Breastfeeding Salve

      Soothing pain relief combination of herbs to relieve and reduce discomfort &

      swelling, and mastitis symptoms  
1 oz. tin - $10.
2 oz. glass amber jar - $18.

 Spa Relaxation Products:

Aromatherapy Eye Pillow
A cool soothing eye pillow with natural flax seed and lavender in a cotton 

      includes a 100% cotton washable cover

Moist Heat muscle soother packs
Microwavable cotton and flannel filled with grain to soften and reduce tension 

      deep within your muscles
      The moist heat is soothing to sore muscles, headaches, earaches, and      

      abdominal cramps, and takes away the chill etc....
Neck/head/abdomen/Lumbar $27.

Aromatherapy essential oil burner from Bali
A couple of drops of essential oil and water turns your home into a healing  

      retreat use lavender for relaxing, citrus for rejuvenation, 
      & sage for clearing out old energy
$10.00 each
Pregnancy Belly Cast
A beautiful keepsake of your body image with baby in plaster to cherish 

      forever by hanging on your wall
unpainted $100.
painted    $200.

Yoga Audio cassette tape
A guided 60 minute yoga session and meditation.


Body Products:

Aromatherapy Salt Glow: 

     A mixture of Celtic dead sea salts and soothing grapeseed oil to slough dead skin       

     cells for an all over body glow.

    4 oz jar....$10. Personalized by you with essential oil blends

Organic Brown Sugar and Black Walnut Body Glow:

     Exfoliate with the sweetness of brown sugar and ground black walnut hulls to increase circulation and soften skin. Your body 

    will feel soft and luxiourous.

 4 oz jar....$10. Personalized by you with essential oil blends


Aromatherapy Room Mist Diffuser:

    Spritz a fresh mist of pure essential oil blend personalized by you to mist in 

    your bedroom, a baby's room to induce sleep, bathroom, kitchen, litter box, 

    fresh clean aromatherapy at your fingertips.

    4 oz. glass bottle....$8.


Aromatherapy Massage Oil:

    Personalize your pure essential oil blend in a base of grapeseed oil to liberally

    apply on your body after a shower, your dry feet, or partner massage.

    4 oz bottle....$10. 

Recycle and Return any jar or bottle to me and receive $1.00 off your next purchase. 

Arnica Anti Inflammatory Salve
Nourishing Skin Food Salve
Golden Healing Salve
Nurturing Breastfeeding Salve
Soothe Sore Muscles Microwavable Heat Pack
Aromatherapy Headache Relief Eye Pillow
Balinese Aromatherapy Tea Light Diffuser
Aromatherapy Mist Diffuser
Aromatherapy Massage oil
Aromatherapy Salt Scrub
Aromatherapy Brown Sugar/ Black Walnut Scrub

Holiday Spa Gift Baskets to fill with a 60 or 90 minute Therapeutic Massage Gift Certificate and any of spa relaxation products above 

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