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Something Sacred Wellness offers :

Hypnotherapy (First visit FREE consultation)

Self Hypnosis Classes online or private class

Hypnobirthing Classes online or private class

Baby Massage Classes online or private class

Therapeutic Bodywork Massage 

Labor Induction Massage 

Sibling Doula

Birth Doula Care 

Lactation Specialist 

Postpartum Doula Care 

Sleep Coach for baby 

Postpartum Belly Binding Herbal Salves 

Herbal Tinctures 

Herbal Sitz Bath

Personal Cook

Placenta Encapsulation 

Officiate Wedding & Funerals 

Nature Yoga Sessions

 Nature Retreats 

Your body is in a constant ebb and flow to create harmony and balance. When something within the body is out of balance your body will try to create homeostasis. If your body cannot create homeostasis it will over compensate and over use another organ or muscle causing fatigue and excessive tissue damage. That is why it is important to take care of yourself so you can take care of your life. 

Allow me to be your 'midwife' to birth the new you through renewed healing through Hypnotherapy, Therapeutic bodywork, Craniosacral therapy, Hypnobirthing classes, Yoga classes, Birth and Postpartum doula care and Baby massage classes. I offer a dynamic holistic service for new families and every BODY.

Something Sacred Services

A place to relax, rejuvenate and renew with many therapeutic services under one roof. 

Your Experience

Take a few hours to refresh yourself, recover, and rejuvenate at my beautiful healing sanctuary in the center of the universe Fremont. 

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